I Do Things

Just like everyone else, I'm busy. Here are a few samples of my projects that are completed and publicly accessible. If you would like to see a more traditional Resume please click here.

I've been presenting on a few security topic, and soon I will post a script to easily set up Bluetooth testing and research on your Linux machine. See the blog for more information. I will also be posting some results of my research here as time permits.

Below are some of the web projects that I have done, although that isn't my current focus if I have the time available I will take on more web work.

  1. Visual design and layout:
    So-Called Dollar - A very interesting subset of coin collecting, full of great photos, a discussion board, and the opportunity to learn about and even buy some of these fascinating collectibles.
  2. Visual design, layout, and maintenance:
    Gentle Birthway - A wonderful resource for families having a new baby. Supporting families throughout the child bearing years with child birth and infant massage education, labor and postpartum support, and resources.
    Tasty Occasions - This is the place to go if your looking for Organic and Fair Trade goodies baked fresh for your next gathering in the greater Sacramento area.
  3. Server administration, layout, and maintenance:
    Estate Sales Help - Helping families with estate sales when the need arises. Offering the most supportive service in the industry for when families need it.