Curious? So am I.

A little about me:

  1. I enjoy solving puzzles. Working on servers and networks to make them resistant to intruders is a challenge I really enjoy. I have worked on the defensive side of security and now am exploring the offensive side to round out my skillset. I have done research in mobile and wireless networks and will continue exploring these areas. I am also exploring the intricacies of vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. I'm always on the hunt for amazing projects to work on, if you have one, let me know and we can get started!

My philosophy:

  1. Humans are meant to collaborate and support each other. Beginning from conception we are meant to be a part of a community. We feel the most satisfaction and happiness when learning from each other and using the security provided by our tribe to safely explore new ideas and experiences.

  2. More can be achieved while simultaneously using less resources. I like to bring elements of sustainability into each project: small questions like "how can we reduce the bandwidth used and server load to deliver this data" as well as larger concerns like setting up systems that get maximum efficiency per watt used.

  3. I look forward to more partnerships with organizations and individuals that embrace these ideas.