My name is Shawn Maxim, I've been working as an IT consultant, at a major technology company, and in the public sector for over seven years. In December 2014, I completed a B.S. degree from CSU Sacramento in Computer Science focused on Information Assurance and Cyber Security, with a certificate in Cyber Defense and Operations. I received the very competitive CyberCorps Scholarship for Service funded through the National Science Foundation and the Department of Homeland Security. I've worked extensively with mixed systems (Linux, Windows, Mac OS) and a wide variety of server/client configurations, designed and maintained web sites, recovered and hardened compromised systems, and spent many years doing early field failure analysis on new hardware and software as they hit the public. Starting in 2013, I began doing security research and presenting on security topics.

In Summer 2014, I researched the four major platforms of mobile phones to find vulnerabilities, attack vectors, mitigation strategies, pros and cons of the available mobile device management (MDM) solutions, and available security features (both built in and add-on). I also performed additional research on cellular communications (GSM and CDMA) and Bluetooth. I plan on sharing the Bluetooth research on my blog here. I've posting some details from presentations I've given and will get the Bluetooth stuff a little more put together before posting it.

I currently work at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco researching vulnerabilities and orchestrating and managing patching. I enjoy protecting important information assets and maintaining crucial infrastructure while solving puzzles and coding solutions. If you have a security topic or an open position that you would like to discuss, let's talk. You can view my resume using the resume link, my philosophy using the about link, and my projects using the project link. If you like what you see, or have any questions, please use the contact link to start a conversation!